Ellen Denuto | The Runaway Shopping Cart

The Runaway Shopping Cart

August 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The website cityfood.com originally displayed this photograph as an illustration for an article about shopping cart technology, but readers informed them that upon viewing it, they had experienced an almost emotional reaction to it. Obviously the image was conveying some of the feelings of the photographer and readers wanted to know the story. CityFood contacted Ellen Denuto, who confirmed that the photo had been taken during a particularly poignant moment after the funeral of a friend, and Ellen provided this caption for their post 


She was always different - apart from the crowd.

Artistically gifted and tortured, she entertained us not only with her creativity but with stories of the humor found in the isolation, sadness and madness that usually accompany that gift.

When one too many escapades flirting with the beyond to ease her pain accidentally ended her life - we weren’t surprised, simply saddened by our loss.

As I drove home the night of her memorial service, the roads were dangerously foggy and slick. Rounding the last corner to enter my street - I noticed a group of shopping carts that had become loose in the storm.

One stood alone away from the rest - illuminated in the white ghostly light … it was Jesse ... as always, ahead of and apart from the crowd.

This photograph has become sort of a signature piece for me, mostly because of people’s reaction to it, not knowing it’s story. It reinforces a personal truth about the power of photographs shot from the heart - and keeps me believing and shooting. 




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